miracles are not a thing of the past!

so the past three weeks at church we've been having services nearly every evening. while we are ending the extra services now and going back to the sunday am, sunday pm, and wed pm services, we are still seeing God do some amazing things. every service has been different. some have been peaceful.....good quiet one on one God time for people, and others have been flat out parties with people dancing EVERYWHERE (those were fun...whoever thinks church is boring HAS NOT been to ours!!) but one thing has been consistent in all the services - God's presence. just to feel His presence is amazing. we have seen people saved, healed and set free at all of the services. it's so cool to see people get healed. the look on their face as pain leaves is priceless. we saw many people run through our church after having legs healed. or reading something after their eyes were healed. or having people whisper in their ears after being healed of deafness, just for kicks. one lady had uneven arms (not the same length after being in two car accidents) and we saw her arm grow three inches.
but today was the kicker for me. there's a lady in our church who is such a sweetheart. she is so quiet spirited and so generous all the time. i greatly admire her. she received a "dental" miracle. meaning her teeth were filled with gold where she had cavities. by God. not by a dentist. she had gotten prayed for on friday night for other reasons and then went on her way. this morning is when she noticed the gold. she was going to floss and realized her teeth were all shiney in the back when she saw her reflection in the mirror. so she came to church this morning totally amazed, showing everyone her teeth...me included. i have never seen a shiney, purer gold in all my life. it was totally lining her back teeth. she said she had one small filling before and a few old white ones....but to see this gold for myself was amazing. i had heard stories like this before but i had never seen the results with my own eyes. it gave me goosebumps to see this heavenly gold in her mouth! i mean, it was SO shiney! i kept on saying...."open your mouth...i wanna see it again!" and she's like "aaaaaaaaaahh." i have never seen her so happy. she said she can't wait to make a dental appointment just to see how her dentist would react!
so my point....God is still a God of miracles. and He cares about each of us individually. He cared enough about Diane to fill her mouth with gold. oh how much he cares for me and you!

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Emily said...

Wow!!! God is REALLY moving!!! How amazing!!